Monday, January 21, 2008

the silent Mary

Whisper silent pleas to your mother Mary’s
My breath is vague, your fragrance artificial
Heads twist while the moon tells us otherwise
Drawing closer for me to drown you.

Bound your hands, pay the penalty of curiosity
Open-minded in this temporary reason
It spreads you wide open and lets the insects in
Like a thousand say, an intergrading spiral
Viral, clear of all independence

Engage in this syphilis
And sigh to these whining cries of discomfort, but
You’ve seen so many places; you’ve had so many faces
Lower your guard and let this grudge shine through
I have been inside you; I know what it feels like

My pleasure is your disease
An Aretino lust sonnet
Down inside, my fear is shameless, naked
Your back is turning and if you were nimble

The warning would have abetted
Sinking deeper into a dream
Of inconsequence and nuisance
We are a function of an illicit exploit
Tied together by curiosity

And this notion of harmony is your emotion, and content
Don’t be so vain...

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