Tuesday, December 11, 2007

canine querl - 1st dream

Your fags dug deep tearing flesh
And you drew blood.
Persistent in your attack
Hardened I spun, hurled into consciousness
I felt pain, I was befooled.
And as I dozed back in search
You were gone. I am left
Only with blood drippings
And this fear and idleness,
This belief that you are near
Will never change.
I await you return, your affliction
Cover me with burden
Wipe this pride from my arms
This reality meant nothing,
A useless pathetic confession
And without permission, you were curt.
Biting into me, tearing solidity
A patronizing breath, astray in your gaze
You held on vitally
While feasting on dismay
All this a false reality, perhaps
So must i now prepare for your next paroxysm?
And ready will I be...
Take me not by surprise,
This animalistic paradox
I will break through, change
This fictitious tale for good or for worse
In this Whole or the next
Show you cause and effect
As you stare astray in my gaze
In prayer, to die honourably
At the rate of knots.