Wednesday, January 30, 2008

canine querl - 2nd dream

my legs are nimble and bursting sweat
the moon illuminates this dirt road well
and for the present, I am triumphant, electric
but I can sense that you are near
and all becomes clear, a re-occurrence
you are trotting at full speed
a merging form from darkness
chase my will down, do what you must
amiss to see otherwise
soon fear will wash over me
soon will it end in sudden vigour
and all transposable becomes silent
your assault came so sudden
a climatic symphonic reel
through your anger, I sensed no sensibility
the onslaught a shattered plunder
must I fall to my knees and burn?
this ideal chronicle epitome?
surrender not willingly
i feel the warmth of your chin
as cogent anger turns a mere grin
docile have you become
gripping your coarse fur-lining
releasing all callous animosity, a formidable judge
earning this bleak sense of trust
between enemies of a parallel rival, say you
how this parabol has changed
for better or for worse
in this Whole or the next
As we stare, contempt in a seamless gaze
in hopes of shinning honourably
at the rates of knots

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