Monday, August 20, 2007

room of candid mirrors

treading through these images of there ecstasy
i want to bore there similes out of my head
as you would a drill of blood and memories
wash away, i burn cigarette holes in my wrists
and seek to overlook this internal pain and suffering
and insomnia, wide eyed stirring my conscious will
to stay alive and breathing

treading through these dark waters for which i cannot swim
sinking desperately down under the waterline
choking on my own desires
i plead for mercy, i choose life
faithless in your comprehension
turn away as i ease this knife out of your back
i seek reclamation and sense agony in your uterus

but you're still alive and breathing

a query of darkness and isolation
searching for loyalty, fidelity
my remedy is basic and condescending
as it should be, as it were
something you would play innocent to
what foolish, dense lies will these cigarette burns tell next
they ascertain that i'm still alive and breathing

let the waters kiss and transmutate this cold and fated anchor
sinking deeper, peering through nothing but blurred delirium
lining my skin with all these counterfeit hallucinations
like a child, light and innocent
burning cigarette holes in your arms
until i'm no longer alive and breathing
then, only then, all will be lost and forgotten