Sunday, November 4, 2007

mais rien

with all vagrancy aside
with all vengeance aside
i stand alone by the seaway skipping rocks
watch them as they hydroplane against the waterline
consumed by this emptiness
this towering inferno burning without ideas
without hope, without fear
i am
mais rien

she is my glory, my violet academic
her tears are of adolescences
her smile glazed on false advertisements
zigzagged through cotton belts, through corn belts
i hear her scream, they are but fallen trees
reverberate becomes black as sin
as it all collapses into vacancy
this blazing inferno burning so sincere
without hope, without fear
has metamorphed and become but nothing

we’ve emerged into one but remain liberal
pried apart with crowbars of fate
stepped on by jealousy and desire to follow
i stand away as our savior would
he died for the greater good, so perhaps should i?
be damned, outcasted and crucified?
to rebuild all this is absolute
without hope, without fear
and bound alone by the seaway
everlasting, prideful, defiant…
si jeunesse savait, si viellesse pouvait (if youth only knew, if age only could)

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