Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ergo simulacra

beneath poised semblance
screaming out of control
cache pasted, erased though
encased in marble fences
repulsed with it's own sweat and tyranny
lined up, focused blurred by machete therapy
shadows streamline as dark as sin
grey fever airborne and convalescent by skin
wearing down, weaken from bi-polar bears within

casting glances of obstinate smugness
feeble attempts of absolute design
behind closed doors, a revolution begins
control, an illusionary dogma within
as we stare through windows of bleakness
assassin virus begets a copy of a copy
age, gender, race is of no significance
eradicate this sympathetic existence
that has so become Gods invisioning validity in fidelity

"deliver us from evil" this multi-media spectrum
born into this construct of mass-deconstruction
sever the umbilical, let all wild run
in spirals, as it were, since ground zero begun
once again all becomes a mimic, a senseless sham
reality is our second eyelid
one sees only what one believes
the tragedy junkie, so safe and ignorant
resist surrealist, pardon the relevance

i sense death has reached the edge of the precipice
afterlife is a venue that holds no laws of fear
deranged in fire circuits of this neurosis
these pitfalls of reality seem clearer and near
now tell me why i love to watch things die
while totality waltzes in simulacra before my eyes
embrace the system collapse from a kings distance
and beneath our poised existence
we dematerialise out of control

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