Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the torture of confession

facing your telepathy
i can scream your silent desire
sacred will these tones contradict
vulnerable to this arid consent
sanctioned only opened spirits
to kill this urge that has always been at the edge of your list
blissful, or so it may seem to cover your virginity

i was once pure
i was once religious

maturity lacks transfigurations
tying these gifts of fruitful tepidness
i now feel weakness, powerless
consumed by our puree of decadence
we have each other, we have no will
surroundings are taboo, a plea to erase
these memoirs of fatality and pain in your uterus
to extract all nothingness

i was once innocent
you were once religious

possibilities of sweetness on technicolor beaches
let's run without fire, let's fly without wings
be true to yourself and these memoirs of chair et sang
puncture holes in my hands to remind me of pain
that sorrow i taste in your uterus
when i peer into your telepathy

i have now the sun
as saturn ascends

one more breath to cheat death
crafted and molded into stone
as a result of my chemical error
and we wipe our tears with pageless silk tyranny

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