Tuesday, July 10, 2007

malicious debris

malevolent fiend

i can tell by the way you're breathing
just like you to wait for me to slip
cynical from your own chronicles
now use me to nourish
that side you've been hiding
no one can see

your appearance is abysmal, take it
suck every bit you could take
you leech, you overweight parasite
suck my will down, push it all down
to that side you've been hiding
no one will see

all this time
drenched in your fidelity
all this time
ignorant and unaware
asleep in this dream like sheep
now it's my time

trust you will play fair

play your tepidness in reason
try on my patience, a little suck
draw on this irresistible desire
draw it down to nourish
this peace that you've been lacking
no one will pray for you

and when there's nothing left
let's pray you choke

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