Tuesday, April 8, 2008

her ride of other world

Permission to board your ship
Of futile anonymity, of reclusive worship
Awkward and infantile your steps may be
I am here to seek your pleasure, of what?
Of what is challenging, say you…

Permission to stay awhile
To succeed as your pathological joy
Caught in this obvious mouse trap
I am seeking blood that is strenuous to hide
Making my manhood poor
For all eyes that seem incoherent

Permission to speak freely
As I am sure you would listen
And judge every solitary angle of finite possibilities
Within your dull spectrum of compulsiveness
Use this academic stature
As you would a condiment

Permission to be relieved
I do not belong in this time and space
A fulcrum of joyful hatred
From which no reason is now
All backs are turned, you have no clout
And all patience becomes ignorance

Permission to die honourably
To end this insignificant tale
This drug frenzy, has but too much control
For the next generation should have no knowledge
Of what has surmised here
Let me die as lonely dogs could

In shelter, in providence…