Monday, March 26, 2012

Carve Me On Your Arm

...It will never go away. You will never get rid of it. And the first mark you drew was never the last. Your instrumentation is an undeniable shape that represents the cliche very well. It is the irreproachable blemish awkward as an "ice-breaker" so you hide it well in plain sight. But it is also the reminder that at that very moment of conception, that very moment the spike broke through the veil that there was no turning back from this. So you scored yourself once, twice, three times. So many times you lost count and solely focused on the act of hemorrhaging. The redness pools. Shame, transfiguration, apathy.....I remember your skin.....

Excessive blood loss annoys me these days. Carelessness is equal to inconvenience. It's like sand. It just gets everywhere. I don't even bother cleaning them anymore. I just name them after their interjection and ponder their nuisance. And then I pick at them until they bleed once again scarring my skin.

I should cut my face.