Sunday, October 23, 2011

Distortion and the Pigment of a Lost Soul

I was born twice; in my present life, I am charmed by the sunrise in the earliest of mornings that can bring absolute peace to on that finds peace in disembowelment. And in across the emptiness of space, the rats, cockroaches and maggots devour my flesh while the paralyzed and redundant read my sermon. I decompose.

I’ve lived over two lives. I was once a soldier that fought and bled with no thought of reward and reflected very little of the enemy as they tore off all brawn from my favorite limb. And in the life thereafter, I wondered why the gods would create such a human out of such an unstable substance like wax. My skin flakey and weak. My melting temperature, poor.

It is wondrous to think that this is my first life and confusing to realize that perhaps it could very well be my second. I have to induce alcohol to feel comfortable in social surroundings because in a room filled with the best of minds, I feel lonely, still. I am a common deer that is as majestic as I am graceful; the ultimate prognosis of harmony and serenity, until I’m shot.

Doctor. I feel tired after living these two lives. Is there a procedure to un-etch the memory of a past loved one? Do you have the ability to abolish regret? My grey matter will except any format.

An explosive tip perhaps.